I use to be a hopeless prescription dope addict, Now! I’m a dopeless hope addict! 

I became a nurse and my life spiraled downward fast!

A pill head With five children and a husband that shot himself and lost his left arm at the shoulder, my life became a nightmare 

I lived to use and used to live! It was a violent cycle of desperation, degradation and desolation!

I abandoned myself, my morals, my self respect, my kids for just one more… then one more… just one more time! No forreal this is the last time!

I was trapped in a self made prison with no way out! 

Today, I’m living a dream, thanks to my higher power…. I don’t mind sharing my journey with others

Today I am free!

          …Want to hear more of my story and where I am today? Comment and say so! 

       Jennifer Heidelberg 


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