Love Your Daughters 

I am Learning… That everything happens for a reason! 

My parents gave me all that they had to offer…emotionally, spiritually and physically 

However, I have to say at the time it didn’t seem like enough 

I rarely felt the love, even though, we hugged and said the words “I love you ” on a daily basis 

They provided food clothing and shelter for me

They taught me how to work, or I should say forced me to work 

Because after being told that I was lazy for so long, I bought into the identity 

I became distant and apathetic

Being the oldest of five as well as, being the only one with a different dad allowed me to set myself apart from the rest of the family 

I felt different, sometimes different made me feel better  than and other times less than, but always different and never apart of

Being yelled at and cursed out were regular occurrences, for one thing or another And often accompanied by whippings 

It was so difficult to feel the love and seemingly as difficult to be loved 

“The reason we whip you”, they would say, “is because we love you”!

I never understood… The tone wasn’t loving and often whatever message that they were trying to deliver often got lost in the chaos of the discipline 

I left home after graduating high school and with a newborn baby boy, to go live with a boy/baby daddy, that treated me very poorly, to say the least 

We were only eighteen and we went on to have four other children together 

…..more to come…… 



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