Word Pressing… Pressing Words

My soul shutters my heart aches, from the heaviness and urgency of unspoken syllables nouns verbs 

Pressured down by the prideful spirit that wants to cling and claw and hang on for dear life

For it knows that once released, it had to go

Once released, shared and brought to the light I uncovered the truth…. what I once held on to for dear life … I discovered was killing me

So silently killing me until I confronted its worth … How are you helping me?

Then the beatings the claws and violent destructive force attacked me… It was an inside job

What was once an insidious, subtle intent to destroy me.. Now came the sharp pointy claws the meat gnashing teeth Intent on savoring my demise to the bitter end

I refuse to back down, I refuse to go out without a fight, paradoxically . I l SURRENDER to God, the all knowing,,, he now fights my battles for me/in me

I lovingly allow him to work in and through me Here am I Dear Lord Send me, I’ll go

This has been the most courageous chapter in my book of life, thus far. Today as best I can, I unleash and release the pressing words 


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