A blessing called “Rosebud”

Today is my granddaughter’s birthday. She is two years old today. What a blessing to be a grandmother! To be held in high regards by such a little angel, is like medicine to my soul! Katelynn Rose is her name. She is a gift from heaven! The greatest gift that I can give her is to let her know everyday and in every way, how special she is to me! My gratitude list for today :

  • I’m grateful that I have eyes and  can see my granddaughter
  • I’m grateful for her unconditional love
  • I’m grateful for her beautiful brown eyes
  • I’m grateful that I can buy her all of her favorite treats
  • I’m grateful for the ability to feel loved
  • I’m grateful for the capability to give love
  • I’m grateful for word press to share my love

Left my own devices, I would have self-destructed a long time ago! But God had other plans for me and for that, I am truly grateful! On April 15th, I will welcome a brand-new granddaughter into the world!  The joy that I feel is indescribable. 

Closing prayer, God please grant me the ability to remain forever grateful for all of the Beauty and the seemingly insignificant wonders that you bestow upon me on a daily basis … Amen

Thanks for reading 😃

Happy Birthday Rosebud 🎉🎉🎉

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